Introducing PHP

  • The origin of PHP
  • PHP functions, PHP and HTML

Installing and configuring PHP

  • Installing PHP Apache & MySql
  • Installing and Configuring PHP on Windows.
  • PHP Pros and Cons PHP: past, present and future (PHP 3.0, PHP 4.0, and PHP 5)

Basic coding

  • PHP variables, Data types, Operators

Creating PHP script

  • Using PHP Script, Forms

Control structures

  • Control structure syntax, Loop structures


  • Single-Dimensional Arrays, Multidimensional Arrays, Casting Arrays, Associative arrays
  • Accessing arrays, Getting the size of an array
  • Looping through an array, Looping through an associative array, Examining arrays
  • Joining arrays, Sorting arrays, Sorting an associative array

Introducing functions

  • Creating functions, Function calls

Using functions

  • Using static variables, Identifying browsers

Creating web features

  • Redirecting users to other pages
  • Sending an e-mail
  • Reading and writing files
  • The fread ( ) function
  • Inserting an image

Creating web page content

  • Creating dynamic content

User authentication

  • HTTP authentication
  • Authenticating from a text file
  • Authenticating from a database


  • Cookies, Setting cookies, Using cookies


  • Sessions and PHP
  • How sessions work
  • Storage modules
  • Creating a session


  • Key encryption
  • Implementing PGP
  • Encrypting an e-mail with PGP

Using databases with PHP

  • Adding tables to a database, Creating a table, Connecting to a database server

Manipulating a database with PHP

  • Populating a table, Extracting and manipulating information

Adding and extracting information

  • Adding information, Extracting information

Creating database functionality

  • PHP functions for MySQL, Performing dynamic functions using MySQL
  • Using MySQL on the Web
  • Referencing a database


Web Service

Shopping Cart

Payment Gateways

Graphics in PHP

Creating a product catalog

  • Preparing a product catalog, Creating an administration, menu, Adding a record, Connecting to MySQL Server, Selecting records, Modifying a record, Deleting a record

Creating a shopping system

  • Creating the storefront, Viewing product details

Tracking and confirming orders

  • Tracking a shopping cart, Counting items


  • Introduction to JOOMLA,
  • Joomla installation, Adding a new Article, creating a custom poll, Work with Menus, categories and sections, Work with inbuilt Modules, Work with inbuilt components
  • Customization of existing component and modules, Detail discussion of component, module, plug-in, How to create component in Joomla, How to create modules


  • Introduction to MVC architecture, Discussion of cake PHP framework
  • Application set up with CakePHP, Scaffolding,
  • Creation of create ,read update and delete form in CakePHP,
  • Built-in Validation, View Helpers for AJAX, JavaScript, HTML Forms and more


  • Introduction to MVC structure
  • OOPs programming in CodeIgniter


  • Drupal Core, Drupal Modules, Blocks in Drupal, Themes for Drupal
  • Entering Content and Making Pages, Drupal Modules


  • Installing a new copy of WordPress
  • Admin / Dashboard panel basics
  • Installing your theme, Edit general settings, Using categories and tags, Customizing your dashboard

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