KEPT BUG Technologies provide  professional training on .NET in Greater Noida and Noida on three module which are based on training duration like 4 week, 6 week and 6 moth. We have the development projects of UK and USA, During the training  we provide these projects to our students for practice, where they learn the complete industrial environment. We have the best trainers and during training session they provide best training services to our students. After completion of their training we provide placement service to those students who will get training from KEPT BUG Technologies.

Microsoft’s .NET architecture is revolutionizing Internet application development. This course will teach students how to master building data-driven Web applications and services with, the next generation of Microsoft Active Server Pages technology.
After completing this course, students will be able to:

– Successfully design the architecture of applications

– Write applications in, the successor to Visual Basic and VBScript (the course is also available using C# if required)

– Create Web forms with Form Controls

– Work with Server Controls to validate and process form submissions and perform other vital tasks

– Build database-driven applications with and

– Produce XML data from your applications, and utilize to parse XML data and store it in a database

– Declare and control Web applications with global.asax

– Maintain state for each user via session management

– Understand the role of Web services and build your first data-driven Web services

– Successfully debug and deploy your applications.

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