FTTH is stand for Fiber to the Home , The Optical Fiber is the Future of Networking and future for communication. Kept Bug Technologies is providing  well planned FTTH (Fiber to the Home) solution. Optical fiber is the more efficient than copper because in copper electrons move across the wire or metal but in Optical fiber Light travels and we all know that light has the maximum speed. We are providing this FTTH solution which is based on GPON (Giga Passive optical Network) Technology.

This FTTH solution can not be  expensive from Copper Networking or copper based solutions , if you are looking for passive networking for your Multistory Apartments (Residential Society) , Industries & company, Hospitals , Institutions and Government buildings then FTTH will be the best option.

You can run or perform multiple task and multiple devices on single optical fiber cable, like – TV, Internet , Telephone , CCTV camera , Data and many more… and bandwidth of  optical  fiber is UNLIMITED.

We do customization also of our FTTH solution  according to our customer need and budget.  For a Site visit  Estimate service of any FTTH Solution Just call now- +91-9873457464

We Provide Given FTTH Solution

1- GPON (Gega Passive Network)

2 -EOC  ( Ethernet Over Coax )

3- Point To Point


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