• Registration
• Login
• Profile management
• Upload Images
• Forget password control
• Upload Resume
• Edit Profile
• Job Search
• Online Resume Editing
• Advance Job Search (Search by
location, industries etc).
• Newsletter


•Payment Gateway Integration.
•Acknowledgment mail is also send
to job seekers.
•Search by Social Networking Sites.


•Forget Password control
•Company Profile Management
•Upload Images
•Job Posting
•Candidate Search
•Mass Mailing
•Database downloading (in excel and
•Resume Search
•Edit Company Profile


•Content Management System
•Job Seeker Management
•Employer Management
•Category management
•Role Management
•Site management
•Package Management
•FAQ’s management
•Job seeker and Employer Statistic
•Super-admin has privilege to
activate or deactivate job seekers
and employers.




  • Domain Name
  • Shared Web Hosting for 1 year : Unlimited Disc Space
  • Email ID Unlimited
  • Unique Custom Web Design
  • User and SEO Friendly Web Pages

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